An accomplished professional vocalist, songwriter, musician, producer, and recording artist with an expansive vocal and stylistic range, Luna Jade has been creating and performing music all her life.
The daughter of a gifted jazz musician and talented painter & visual artist, Luna inherited a rich musical and artistic legacy, igniting her eclectic nature and sparking a life-long artistic exploration. Her rich, multi-textured voice creates beautiful tapestries of sound. She has been honored as a top five finalist in the SingerUniverse Magazine Best Vocalist Contest, her original songs have been chosen as one of the top 5 songs in the SongwriterUniverse Magazine Best Songs contest and awarded Honorable Mention in the Billboard World Song Contest. Her recordings, original and cover, have been featured repeatedly on various radio networks, including Women of Substance Radio, where her performances went into rotation on a holiday playlist that included Lady Antebellum, Norah Jones, and Melissa Manchester.

Apart from her songwriting as an original Indie artist, Luna also composes, records, & produces music for commercial and soundtrack purposes (corporate, advertising, film, video, etc.) on a contract and stock library basis – as artist and engineer.

A native New Yorker now transplanted to Florida, Luna spent many years in the spotlight as a lead vocalist for some of Manhattan’s top event bands and society orchestras – at times literally performing for presidents and kings. During her ever-evolving career, Luna has shared the stage with Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet, and Foreigner’s Mick Jones, opened for artists ranging from Tony Bennett to Barry Manilow, and has appeared onstage as a backup vocalist for Ambrosia’s David Pack, Wayne Nelson from the Little River Band, and Bad Company’s Brian Howe… a testament to her vocal versatility.

Raised in a home abundant with music and art, Luna was blessed to have varied creative influences from an early age. Luna inherited a rich musical and artistic legacy, which she has built upon through extensive training early on, followed by years of ongoing self-study, seasoned by countless gigs in venues ranging from smoky nightclubs to a Presidential Inauguration. The result is an artist whose attitude can be summed up as “no limits,” with a writing style as eclectic and powerful as her vocal style. Luna’s ongoing musical projects range from contemporary soul and R&B to industrial and gothic metal; from acoustic ukulele music to world beat and jazz – or, as Buzz Lightyear says, “To infinity and beyond!”

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Luna Jade… A powerful, emotive singer/songwriter with a voice that “can breathe fire one minute and wrap languidly around a dulcet note the next.”
Luna’s vocal style deftly spans the sonic spectrum – from the blue-eyed soul of Michael McDonald to the versatility of Eva Cassidy with a bit of Steven Tyler’s rock cojones thrown in. She paints with her voice, using the many varied hues in her palette, infusing her music with her unique viscerally soulful sound…

Writing songs to inspire, heal & make you think
while rocking you to your soul.

Listen to a sampling of Luna’s Music…

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Eclectic Vocalist…
Luna’s love of music and singing spans many genres and styles. She is a true vocal chameleon.
Here’s a glimpse of some of the other hues in her vocal palette:

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