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Sweet Thing (performed by Luna Jade – Chaka Khan/Rufus ukulele cover)

Wait A Little While (uke cover performed by Luna Jade)

Use Me – Jammin’ on some Bluesy Jazz

Route 66 – Luna Jade at 264 The Grill in Palm Beach

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (performed by Luna Jade, light show by Mother Nature)

Loving Outside of the Lines – original song by Luna Jade, performed on uke

Christmas Longing – A Luna Jade original song, performed on a Risa Uke Solid Concert

Alfie… Ukulele Performance on a Risa Uke Solid Concert (cover)

Sea of Silence – A Luna Jade original song (Ukulele demo)

Send A Little Love My Way – Ukulele cover

New instrument… new music: 1st song I’ve written on the Ukulele.
Ukulele Longing (And So Goes My Heart)

Toxic Minds – Unplugged and Informal

A series of Toxic Minds unplugged and informal acoustic sessions with Luna and Lars…

If you’ve heard our music (, you’ll note that this is a departure from our much heavier sound. A naked and raw version of our music…

So, why are we doing this?
We’re giving you all a glimpse into our rehearsals for the Toxic Minds Unplugged set in its completely natural, unembellished state.

It’s live and raw… both in sound and look…
no glamour, heavy makeup, fancy clothes, heavy orchestrations, video or music effects…

just us… and the music we create.


Individual videos on

Can You Hear Me – Toxic Minds Unplugged & Informal

This was the first video in the series, recorded using the video camera’s built in microphone…

Fever In Your Soul: Toxic Minds Un & In

In this one, “Fever In Your Soul”, a Toxic Minds favorite in its heavier version, gets the “naked & raw” treatment… we plugged an external mic into the camera for this one.

Sleight of Hand: Toxic Minds unplugged & informal:

Another informal acoustic session with Luna and Lars… this time working up “Sleight of Hand” for the Toxic Minds unplugged set. We used the external mic for this one, as well.

Just For Fun

Peacock Strut

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