Double Rainbow Blessings

by LJ on June 7, 2009

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Double Rainbow outside Sushi Simon ~ Luna Jade

Double Rainbow outside Sushi Simon

The double rainbow is the symbol of transformation.

In the commonly seen single rainbow, we see red as the highest and violet as the lowest colour, this is opposite to the alignment of the chakras, and thus symbolizes the descent of man from the heavens.

In the more rarely seen double rainbow, the higher rainbow has red as the lowest and violet as the highest colours, this is in alignment with the ascent of Kundalini energy up through the seven chakras. This symbolizes the journey of transformation, from the material to the spiritual, the ascent of life energy.

~ The Symbol of the Double Rainbow – Osho Energy Transformation Institute

Yesterday evening was one of those blissfully perfect evenings (well the whole weekend has been pretty wonderful). Keith and I were on our way to Sushi Simon, our favorite restaurant. After an afternoon of torrential rain (a daily occurrence in recent weeks), we were treated to the sight of a rainbow arcing in the distance, over the horizon. As we drove, we could see different portions of the arc as they came into view, depending on what direction we were heading on that leg of the drive.

We were already in a happy mood in anticipation of a nice night out together, enjoying the wonderful meal we knew we were about to have and the warm friendly solicitous attention we’d receive (no special treatment, they’re like that with all their customers); this sight punctuated that mood. Witnessing a rainbow always evokes feelings of happiness and hope, portents of dreams realized. One can’t help but sense the magic in their beauty and feel blessed.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

~ Somewhere Over The Rainbow
lyrics by E.Y. Harburg
Over the Rainbow
Image via Wikipedia

Seeing a lovely single rainbow arc on our way to dinner heightened our sense of joyous well-being and set the tone for a perfect evening to come. Little did we know we’d be doubly blessed :)

Simple Perfection…
Everything about the evening was special in a subtle, “all is right with the world” way, as if expertly directed by a benevolent being, manifesting and placing each facet and piece deftly and blissfully in place. There doesn’t have to be grand fanfares and events for an evening to be perfect. Sometimes it’s all the little things adding up in a happy synergy. Like interesting new special items on the menu that we hadn’t had before, new taste adventures. Or our favorite waitress working that evening (we’ve missed her the past few times we’ve been there) so we could chat and catch up with her (she’s a budding singer and a computer techie, so we always have much to chat about). Or it being a good but not frenetically busy night for the restaurant so everything could move at a comfortable relaxed pace.

Special Encounters…
Then there are the extra special ‘magic’ touches to the evening. When we sat down, I noticed the people at the table next to us – two women, possibly a mother and daughter. My back was to the table so at first I didn’t see the little boy, I think he was around the other side of the table when I sat down. A few minutes later, I heard this adorable little voice in back of me. He was prattling on and it sounded so cute that I couldn’t help but turn around to see who it was coming from – a precious three-year old boy, sitting in the chair behind me. His back was to me and he was preoccupied with his pineapple slice, so I didn’t think he saw me. I watched him for a moment, smiled at the two women, then turned back to my conversation.

Moments later, I heard the little voice right next to me and turned to look down into an angelically cute face, staring up at me inquisitively, asking me if I had a dog. There is something so special and pure in the innocent open spirit of young children that is a blessing to experience. There is such magic in those interactions for me. He and I proceeded to have a lively discussion about his new dog, Chester, and the yummy pineapple he just ate, and the impressively big “diamond” ring with special powers that he was wearing on his index finger. I think there were some other topics thrown in there, too.

Showing he was a well-mannered conversationalist, aware not to leave anyone out, he went around to the other side of the table to Keith and asked him if he, too, had a dog (that seemed to be his signature opening line, one that worked well). Then he came back around and chatted with me again. The two ladies, his mom and grandma, tried apologetically to steer him back to the table but he was enjoying himself and I reassured them that it was OK. He did, however, make a hasty departure when dessert arrived, a birthday cake for his Grandma, leaving Keith and I smiling and happy to have been blessed by the brief encounter.

Double the Blessings…
Our delicious dinner items started appearing and I had my first experience with raw scallop sashimi. Such silky delicate sweetness, I had not experienced them before. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on the menu previously; Lucy confirmed that they are rarely available. Keith was skeptical at first, but he loved them, as well. (I tend to have a more adventurous palate ;) I was happy that they were available this evening so we could be blessed with a new taste experience.

As if the evening wasn’t already rich enough, the blessings multiplied a short time later: A new patron arrived for dinner and told our waitress there was something going on outside that she wouldn’t want to miss. The sun was going down, but there was still enough light to create the lovely spectacle awaiting us when we went out to investigate – one I hadn’t seen before… a double rainbow.

The rainbow we saw on our way to the restaurant was a single arc. Somehow, in the time since we had arrived & started our meal, the second mirrored arc had appeared. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I captured the images you see above and below with my iPhone. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to preserve this rare occurrence. Things have been falling into place so amazingly well lately that I felt a joyful confirmation well up inside at the sight of this beautiful natural wonder. I took a few pictures, then just stood and gazed at it for a while, letting time slow, feeling the power and gift of the moment, allowing the blessing to wash over me.

The rainbow itself is a symbol of hope and good fortune, a blessed bridge between heaven and earth, or as one site put it, “a bridge between the real and imaginary”…
but a double rainbow… blessings multiplied.

In searching for the symbolic meaning of a double rainbow, I have found different interpretations of the symbolism.

When double rainbows appear it means that whatever is coming to you has great meaning in your life and that one good thing will lead to another good thing. I really rejoice in your happiness and good fortune. The rainbows are a sign from the cosmic universe that you are about to have something great fall into your lap!
Lillian Too of Feng Shui Malaysia

There were other interpretations found, all essentially variations on the idea of blessings and hope multiplied. But the interpretation that resonated for me the most was the one I included at the beginning of this article – a portent of transformation.

The double rainbow is the symbol of transformation.

In the first rainbow we see red is at the top and violet at the bottom. This represents the material world. We are a rainbow, but the red belongs at the feet and the first chakra area and the violet at the head. So when we see the red at the top and the violet at the bottom, it is as if we are seeing a person upside down or descending from heaven diving down to the earth.

In the upper second rainbow – and remember it is not such a common sight – the colours are the right way up, this symbolizes the journey back to heaven, the ascent of the kundalini, the journey of transformation, the spiritual world.

~ The Symbol of the Double Rainbow – Osho Energy Transformation Institute

Another view of the Double Rainbow outside Sushi Simon ~ Luna Jade

Another view of the Double Rainbow outside Sushi Simon

A note to all:

A double rainbow sighting is a very special occurrence. Judging by the number of hits this little article gets, it is an event that is very much on everyone’s minds these days. I’ve been asked by many readers of my post what their individual experience means. I believe that it holds a different meaning for each beholder. For me, it is a blessing and a portent of transformation.

We each can give our opinion on someone else’s experience. But just as with everything else in life, the most important question is… what does it mean to YOU?

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