A Vision From Above… (words, photo)

There’s something about flying that sparks my muse to speak…

Maybe it is being in such close proximity to the heavens, traversing the cloud realm among the lighter beings not tied to the earth’s surface.

Flying high above the earth, one is treated to a wondrous view of the land below…

a surreal, synergistic living sculptural painting…
a manifestation of the co-creation of man and nature.

A Vision From Above

words by Luna

Undulating waves of gauzy mist
floating in the air the rain has kissed
interlocking squares of living land
patterns chiseled by the hand of man

a shiny ribbon weaves its path between
the sandy river shore and trees of green
the teal blue glimmer of a captured pool
bedecks the landscape like a glassine jewel

geometric shapes, wild and refined
interjecting upon God’s design
The painted tableau, sketched upon the earth
a living canvas stretched on fine framework

The dusty grey of cultivated fields
fragments of a living world so real
The sight below me captivates my mind
The vision from above, a world divine.

© 2008 Luna Jade

Artist’s note: I wrote the words above actually in November of 2007, flying to Illinois for a sad event… the death of Keith’s mom. As I gazed out the window at the landscape below, my muse seemed to be distracting my sadness, reminding me how beauty beheld can be a suave for pain.

Fittingly, I shot the photo below as we flew to Seattle to visit with Keith’s brother and family in September 2010 and to meet the newest family member, just a few month’s after he was born… A vision celebrating the beauty of life captured on the way to celebrate the miracle of life.

River Snake... Luna Jade ~ BeautySuspended.com
a shiny ribbon weaves its path between
the sandy river shore and trees of green