What are you feeding your muse? (image, reflections)

Morning at the office… A living space, surrounded by green energy that you have nurtured (and peacefully sleeping ducks), brings out the best in your creativity. Little revelations happen, like a slight tempo change to one of my original tunes that alters the energy in just the right way (“Christmas Longing” transformed. Here’s where elastic audio shines… one of my fav tools for creative experimentation, enhancement, and artistic vision.)

As I write this, I am back in my #studio, looking out on the living #oasis I’ve created, with a duck peacefully sleeping on the rug right outside my sliders. Creativity and Nature form a powerful synergy. My muse is pleased.

As your body needs healthy whole food to thrive, your muse is at its creative peak when surrounded by natural organic energy.

What are you feeding your muse?