BatTerfly on a Bumper – My artwork goes mobile

The commercial music projects that I’ve been working on for the past few months have consumed so much of my time and focus that many things have had to take a back seat for a bit (like updating my blog :)

But I try to sneak those updates in when I can… like now.

BatTerfly on a Bumper - artwork by Luna Jade ~

photo taken by Kate

That’s my BatTerfly drawing adorning the jeep tire cover. It’s such a nice compliment when someone loves your artwork and wants to display it on their new jeep.

When Kate approached me about having a tire cover made for her jeep with my hand-drawn artwork, I thought it was a neat idea. She chose my BatTerfly sketch – a Deco-flavored butterfly with bat overtones – and I added color to make the image stand out. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

And I’m thrilled with the feedback she’s been getting… she told me she even had someone drive up alongside her on the highway (another jeep owner) and ask her about it – a conversation yelled between cars at 50+ MPH! (I’m thrilled that people are asking her about it, but concerned for her safety!)

BatTerfly on a Bumper Close-up - artwork by Luna Jade ~

photo taken by Kate

Though the tire cover is a first for me (and an idea I can’t take credit for – that was Kate’s creative mind), I am always exploring ways to display and create products from my art. Here’s another incarnation of my BatTerfly sketch – transformed into wearable artwork.

BatTerfly Pendant - artwork by Luna Jade ~

The pendant in this photo was crafted in a strong flexible black polymer with a matte finish. I love this piece – it looks extremely cool on!

Why I haven’t officially released my jewelry designs yet:
I experienced quality control issues with the initial company I used to produce the pieces: they printed a number of my pieces, the ones designed with a specific orientation, backwards – repeatedly! When I contacted them about it, they told me that they’d try, but they couldn’t guarantee they could produce them in the orientation as specified in my submitted design, given their current production setup, but they may be able to in the future once they updated their production code.

An example of batch interface programming missing some important customer specifications (once a systems analyst/programmer, always a systems analyst/programmer):

According to their customer service rep: They created an algorithm to allow them to “print” as many individual customer designs as possible in one batch, rotating each design to fit together as closely as possible to minimize material waste. This saves them money/maximizes profit on each batch print (YAY for them)… but does not take into account that the customer expects their piece to be manufactured exactly as they had designed and submitted it (BOO for us). Given the mode of production, there is a definite front (smooth) and back (rough) to the finished item. So, if the interface turned your item upside down to fit in the batch… well, you get the picture.
(The workaround: only submit designs that are completely symmetrical so the orientation isn’t an issue, but that’s very limiting, creatively.) Surprisingly, this is a well-known company in its space.

I hope they get this sorted out. I was too small a customer to matter to them individually. However, I was also not the only customer experiencing this. As more companies enter the space and hone their processes to suit the growing market, this glitch may prove difficult for them.

Rather than continue to direct energy toward a stuck situation when there are other important projects to focus on, I put a hold on releasing my jewelry line until I find a company I can rely on to produce the pendants (in quantity) as I designed them. But, that’s coming. And who knows… with the technology advancing and becoming more accessible, I may end up producing them myself :)

A related side note: I think the Universe places these obstacles in our path for a purpose. With each disappointment – each person/organization/situation I’ve encountered that dropped the ball (intentionally or not), did not live up to their representation (the Emperor’s tailors), or otherwise – or was just not the right fit – I’ve quietly diverted my course and kept going… learning to do it myself. And my skill set continues to expand because of it. So… thank you!

If you’re experiencing something similar, don’t let it get you down or stop you (I know, easier said than done). Intuit the course that feels right to you and keep moving forward, even if you have to move sideways and/or travel alone for a bit. It will expand you. Don’t let yourself be caught up in someone else’s agenda – you’re on your own journey, not theirs. You’ll eventually find your perfect partners on the path… sometimes they’re right under your nose, just waiting for the right time! (I know ;)

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