Drowning On Dry Land – 2015 Redux

Ah! That feels much better!

Helping someone else and producing something very cool in the process = WIN-WIN.
Ever look back on something you created a long time ago – when you were new at “it” – and cringe, knowing that you could do it much better now? It’s such a great exercise to take your current improved skills and experience and apply it to a much earlier creation to remind yourself that your hard work (and occasional frequent frustration) is paying off.

The original mix of Drowning On Dry Land (recorded years ago) has been bugging me for a while – it’s very rough and muddy, created when I was VERY new at recording and mixing in general – so I finally hunted down the project files and remixed/remastered it. (To the extent I could – I have the vocal tracks, but I recorded my vocals to a mixdown of the backing track, so I don’t have the individual instrument tracks).

Drowning On Dry Land
Lyrics, melody, vocal and song arrangement by Luna Jade.
Track and all instruments by EJ James.

This song was one of the first examples of my early production skills. It started its journey with a musician friend sharing his frustration with creating a vocal song based on his excellent instrumental track (Here’s his original track, Bottomed Out.” )

I loved the track – it seriously rocked and I could see its potential, but I could see where the challenge stemmed from – it worked great as an instrumental track, but didn’t flow as well for vocals. It could benefit from some restructuring and expanding of the vocal-friendly sections (I may have been brand new to recording at that time, but my professional vocalist instincts were solid). With that in mind, I went to work with my musical “Cuisinart” (which, at that time, was an early version of Adobe Audition – i.e. it was a manual process. I didn’t know about ReCycle! back then.) – I sliced and diced the track to create independent loops as building blocks, came up with a song structure that worked for me, then re-assembled the track in the new structure. (Much like I did to create the scratch track for my song Facing Medusa from the experimental snippet recorded by one of my former writing partners. More about that process here.)

Here’s the “Frankinstein” scratch track I created for Drowning On Dry Land:

Once I had a vocal-oriented structure to work with, I wrote the melody and lyrics to the new song format, then arranged and recorded the vocals, giving his killer instrumental track new life as a rocking vocal tune. I sent him the initial version with the “Frankenstein” scratch track and he re-recorded an even better track with the new song structure.

Side Note: I had named the project that arose from this collaboration More Than Mortal.
“More Than Mortal” is the synergy that is formed when two or more artistic minds join their creative forces. The result of that collaboration can often transcend the mortal boundaries of what the individual artists bring to the table.

The interaction between different artistic forces can have a kaleidoscopic effect:
the colors constantly change…
no two “patterns” are ever the same…
the possibilities are endless.
~ Luna Jade

Drowning On Dry Land has always been one of my favorite collaborative creations. In the process of helping someone else, I produced something very cool – which is definitely WIN-WIN. There’s still room for improvement with this remix and I may tweak it some more, but it already sounds much better than the original version did (I left the original in the ReverbNation playlist to remind me from whence I came LOL… scroll down).

As we continue on our journey – learning, building our skills and experience, growing at our craft (or crafts :) – we sometimes get mired in the minutia of current challenges and it can cause us to question our progress. Taking a look backwards at the signposts along the way will remind us just how far we have come.

Breadcrumbs on the trail…

Drowning On Dry Land

lyrics and melody by Luna Jade

Seems like I’m drifting through the days
My head submerged in murky haze
My senses raw and overcome
My spirit destitute and numb

A ship tossed in a stormy sea
Fighting to still the inner scream
Adrift without a hope of escape
This torment more than I can take

Each day
I sink deeper in the pain
This weight is more than I can stand
Save me
before I go insane
Feels like I’m Drowning,
Drowning on Dry Land

Each day I try to find a way
to keep my head above the waves
Trying to rise above this mess
My spirit sinking in the abyss

I’m caught up in the undertow
This pain, it suffocates my soul
What can I do to make it right?
I won’t go down without a fight

Each day
I sink deeper in the pain
This weight is more than I can stand
Save me before I go insane
Feels like I’m Drowning,
Drowning on Dry Land

How can
I keep my very soul
from sinking deeper under the sand
I’m lost,
adrift and out of control
Feels like I’m Drowning,
Drowning on Dry Land

© 2004 Luna Jade / LunaMusika

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