Find The Lights Within and Let Them Shine

We’ve all heard/read inspirational pieces encouraging us to seek out our inner light… as in singular light. It’s a common and important theme. But encouraging and embracing the plurality of incandescence in one being? Not so common – but overlooked and every bit as important.

A different turn of phrase? What does that mean, you ask…

For years, I have considered “Find the light within and let it shine” my mantra and mission statement. It’s what I’ve used as my tag line on my blog and other sites to share my personal philosophy, something I expressed on the first page of this blog:

In all of us, whether we consciously know it or not, there are seeds of incandescence planted within, waiting for their chance to burst forth in blinding brilliance.
They may be hovering close to the surface… or they may be nestled deep inside (some of the finest treasures are buried deeply).

Go on an inner treasure hunt for your luminous seedling and nurture the flame into full being. And as you shine, watch those around you light up from contact glow. It can be contagious.

May you all see and know your beautiful light that shines from within.

~ Luna Jade in What better way to begin…

But something made me stop and reflect about it a few days ago – maybe the act of juggling multiple divergent projects, tasking skills that do not intersect – but it reminded me that, for most (all?) of us, there isn’t just one light inside – there are many Lights (or multiple seeds of incandescence… yup, what she said.) :)

And that is something we are not taught to embrace. It makes you a bit of an oddball with those around you. The idea that we can only be one thing is a limiting dream-stealer that we are socialized towards from infancy. Yeah, that’s never been for me. I’ve always subscribed to Heinlein’s camp: Specialization is for Insects. I have been going against that grain all my life (a bit of history) and always doing my best to inspire others to do the same. It’s a slow process and not always well-received, but the positive reinforcement is when I see others who I’ve known (and encouraged) for a long time start to expand their horizons. (Whether that progress comes from the spirit of inspiration or competition, it doesn’t matter… it’s a good thing :)

And that’s why I thought my “tag line” should reflect that, too.


Find The Lights Within and Let Them Shine… ALL of them!

Find the lights within and let them shine... Luna Jade ~