Removable Hardware [lyrics, story]

From the “and now for something completely different” department…

Ah, the things that ping our memory of creations forgotten – you never know what or when that may be, but it always comes about with the most interesting timing.

I was taking a break from the project I was working on yesterday and as I scanned my Facebook News feed, this picture caught my eye – a visual hook for an Inhabitat post on an Ecouterre article about upcycled circuit board accessories as trendy techy fashion statements.

Circuit Board Boxers by Emiko Oye

The sight elicited a sympathetic squirm of discomfort (Ouch! Those look incredibly uncomfortable. The thought of getting a wedgie wearing them makes me cringe) and an immediate reminder of a song I wrote quite a few years ago on a good-natured dare from another musician. I had forgotten about “Removable Hardware” and the sight of these circuit board skivvies brought the memory to the surface.

A little back story…

Back in 2005, I had started a collaboration with another musician who knew about my tech geek alter ego: software developer and nerd girl (well, ONE of my alter egos. There are many :)
We were discussing new material to work on and he tossed out a suggestion for me to write a song in my geek vernacular, about a lover treating your heart like “removable hardware.” I thought that was a pretty neat challenge and I enjoy writing to a prompt… so, armed with that title, I went to work. The collaboration never came to fruition and though I had gotten about 3/4 of the way through the lyrics, I put them aside to work on another project.

Fast forward to 2007: While cleaning out my hard drive, I came across the “Removable Hardware” lyrics and thought the song merited completion, so I finished it. I got a kick out of working in all the tech references, puns, and double entendres. It amused me enough to share it with my programmer colleagues and on my Myspace blog, but the novelty wore off again and it slipped back onto the shelf.

Until yesterday. I find it quite interesting to note that one of the ongoing projects I’ve been chipping away at is the maddening task of wading through multiple albums-worth of my original material, trying to decide which songs to group together for release and when. In fact, I had just finished yet another new song and was rethinking my discography sketch, reshuffling the list once again. This was the project I was taking a break from when I came across the Borg-esque boxer shorts. Before my little discovery, “Removable Hardware” wasn’t among the songs under consideration. Actually, I hadn’t even thought about it until the image tweaked my memory. Hmmm… was that a sign? A techy tune who’s time has come?

It’s a bit of a departure from what I usually write… but that’s the fun of it ;)

Removable Hardware

lyrics and music by Luna Jade

Something in your eyes
A lover compromised
lying to me,
giving me the slip

With each careless slight
I feel you tear a byte
Breaking down my system
bit by bit

Just when I believe
you’ve got nothing up your sleeve
your system crashes,
messin’ with my brain

My love for you’s gone soft
where your circuits have been crossed
Why is it so hard?
Drive me insane

It’s an endless feedback loop
(and I can’t break free)
I just gotta let you know
what you’re doing to me

My love is not
This flame is hot,
We’re gonna have to part
if you’re gonna treat my heart
like Removable Hardware.

You’re messing with my mind
There’s a flaw in your design
feelin’ my devotion for you ebb

I’m tired of all your jive
too much shit corrupts your drive
time to weave my heart
out of your web

Babe, I give you the salute
(fingers one, two, three)
gonna leave it all behind,
tired of your B.S. O.D.

My love is not
This flame is hot,
We’re gonna have to part
if you’re gonna treat my heart
like Removable Hardware.

My love’s too tuff
too be rejected
I’ve had enough
you’ve been ejected
Your love does not compute
so I’m giving you the boot
You’re Removable Hardware

© 2005, 2007 Luna Jade / LunaMusika

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