Check out Keith Cronin’s SHORTS on Kindle!

Yeah, you read that right ;)

Keith just released Shorts, a collection of his short stories… five stories, all different in tone and subject matter, but tied together by his clever and quirky sense of humor that he demonstrated so entertainingly in his debut novel, Me Again.

It’s quite an interesting peek into his particular brand of creatively off-the-wall storytelling. A couple of the stories took me by surprise… bizarre adventures that sounded plausible in a kind of how-did-I-get-myself-into-this-mess way. And it seemed like the events just might have occurred in real life. When I asked him if they were true life adventures recounted from his personal history, he hesitated, then answered in a non-committal way, which really has me wondering…

I’ll let you be the judge. Read the book and let me know which ones you think were fiction… and which ones sound like they just might be autobiographical.

SHORTS by Keith Cronin... now on Amazon Kindle

SHORTS by Keith Cronin now available on Amazon Kindle.
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