Happy Fathers Day, Daddy… I miss you.

If I close my eyes
I can still feel you near
and see your smiling face

what you leave behind
the loving memories
that can not be replaced.

~ If You Must Go

Though I wrote those words almost 6 years ago as I flew to New York to see you for the last time, they are just as true to my heart today, so many years later, as they were then.

I remember the images,
scenes of
a happier time
I will replay them often
in the theater
of my mind

~ As Dusk Descends

All those lovely memories are vividly preserved in my mind’s eye, flashes of love and happy times that I can (and do) replay… so many smiles, so many images and experiences.
Your legacy of a life well-lived and a father’s love well-shared lives on in all of us.

There’s so much to say
but the words won’t come
the time for talk has passed

More prophetic words… there is so much swirling around my brain as I think of you today, but none of it seems quite necessary to utter. The energetic connection of the heart & soul speak more eloquently than the spoken and written word.

But there is something that I wish to say to you, an expression of a daughter’s love and gratitude… and that is a deeply soul-felt “Thank You.”

And I love you and miss you… always.

My Dad... a portrait of the artist as a young man
My Dad… a portrait of the artist as a young man

If You Must Go – (in memory of my dad)

lyrics and music by Luna Jade
arranged & recorded by Luna Jade